At the core of my practice is an interest in the potential of readymades. Through this focus I engage in varying degrees of material manipulation to create work that utilises reconfiguration as a device to disrupt and expand upon preexisting modes of interaction. The deconstructive/reconstructive nature of my work not only results in a disruption of formal qualities - such as texture, colour, material, and scale - this approach also disturbs body-to-object interactions by altering the intended function of each readymade. In turn, both these elements provide a platform in which the consideration of past, current, and future interactions with the familiar comes into focus.

Christopher Paul Dean was born an hour north of London in Milton Keynes, England. Dean has an Undergraduate Degree in Contemporary Applied Arts from the University of Hertfordshire (England), and a Masters Degree in Sculpture from The Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. Since 2010 Dean has worked as an Artist Assistant in Denmark (Folk Art School, Holbæk), Detroit (Cranbrook Academy of Art), Atlanta (artist Bojana Ginn) and Mexico (U.S Consulate, Monterrey). Dean currently lives and works in Dallas, and is lead studio assistant to multimedia Artist Gabriel Dawe.

Dean has been featured in multiple publications including Artvoices Magazine, Studio Visit, Looking at Painting and 101 Contemporary Artists. Dean has exhibited in numerous locations including London, NYC, Dallas, multiple locations in GA and in 2017 showed work at UNTITLED as part of Art BaselMiami Beach.