With a focus on art as a device to re-experience, I create work that simultaneously utilises and disrupts the viewers’ expectations of the familiar. At the core of my practice is an interest in the fragility of experience, and how subtle manipulations of familiar components allows for an elevation in perception. It is always my intention to provide the viewer with an opportunity to question their past, current, and future interactions with the familiar.

Christopher Paul Dean was born an hour north of London, in Milton Keynes, England. Since 2010 he has assisted artists in Denmark (Folk Art School, Holbæk), Detroit (Cranbrook Academy of Art), and Mexico (U.S Consulate, Monterrey). Dean has been featured in multiple publications including a cover feature for Artvoices Magazine, features in Studio Visit Magazine, Looking at Painting, and 101 Contemporary Artists. Dean has exhibited in numerous locations including Art Basel Miami, London, NYC, Dallas, and multiple locations across GA.